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N.J. Chamber Foundation: Building A Stronger Workforce

The New Jersey Chamber of Commerce Foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to maintaining and improving New Jersey's high-quality workforce. Finding strong employees, after all, is critical to all employers in the Garden State, and employee preparation is critical in a global economy in which most jobs require special training or college diplomas.

The Foundation focuses on improving the workforce readiness curriculum in public schools; increasing employment opportunities for qualified people with disabilities; and stemming the shortage of nurses and nursing facilities in New Jersey. With the support of New Jersey businesses, the Foundation also gets involved in the advocacy and policy work that will produce a New Jersey workforce that can thrive in an increasingly competitive economy.


Foundation Initiatives

Learn. Do. Earn.


The program gives students information from the business community to help them prepare for college, work and life. The LearnDoEarn program (Learn More Now, Do More Now, Earn More Later) was created in response to employers' concerns about the limited availability of qualified workers. The Chamber works with students by organizing weeklong career summer camps, career days and by going directly into schools to work with students and help them understand the skills required to succeed in college and the real world.

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Disabilities at Work

Disabilities at Work

Working as the New Jersey Business Leadership Network, the Foundation promotes programs aimed at improving employment opportunities for qualified people with disabilities, and supports initiatives that help support people with disabilities for the workplace.

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