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Governor Chris Christie

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“The year really does not begin until the Chamber dinner in Washington when we gather to review the last year and look ahead to what New Jersey's future can once again be.”

“A strong economy is tied to a first-class transportation network. New Jersey's roads and bridges need to be properly maintained to avoid longer commutes and the inefficient movement of goods. Our coalition offers recommendations on how to best provide stable, long-term funding for transportation projects while identifying priority projects that will have the most impact on companies and residents.”

Hazel Gluck
Senior Partner, MBI GluckShaw

“Our health care system is in crisis. The monumental rise in health care costs and insurance is making it increasingly prohibitive for employers to offer insurance to our employees. The Chamber is partnering with several organizations to improve both the health of our employees and the affordability of coverage. These initiatives include a project that will reduce medical errors through the use of technology. Fewer errors will save lives, improve outcomes and lower healthcare costs. We are working to restore the viability of the small business and individual health insurance markets by advocating changes in the community based rating system currently used in these markets. We must increase access to affordable health care and remain viable in today's highly competitive global market place.”

Jeff Scheininger
President, Flexline/U.S. Brass & Copper Corporation

“A democracy is most effective when citizens believe leaders are making decisions for the common good. The government reform coalition is advocating for stronger laws that dissuade corruption and punish those taking advantage of their positions for financial gain. We are encouraging responsible state spending by eliminating duplicative government services and altering state worker benefits to mirror those in the private sector. New Jersey has a lot going for it. We must change business as usual so that people focus on our positives.”

Peter Cocoziello
President & CEO, Advance Realty

“In order to compete for jobs in a global economy, New Jersey needs to position itself as a pro-investment state. The Chamber's economic development initiative is identifying policies and encouraging legislation necessary to grow the economy. In order for New Jersey to reach its true potential, our companies have to be provided with every opportunity to succeed.”

Dennis Bone
Director, Feliciano Center for Entrepreneurship
Montclair State University

“When I need legislators or the Governor's office to better understand how their policies impact my association and its members, I turn to the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce for assistance. The Chamber's lobbyists are experts on legislative and regulatory matters and they know the key players in Trenton and around the state. It is for that reason that we joined the State Chamber.”

Ralph Thomas
New Jersey Society of Certified Public Accountants

“The Chamber hosts incredible events where I get to network with the state's most important business and legislative leaders. If you want access to people with real decision-making power, then attending Chamber events will help you to reach that goal. At my first event, I walked away with business cards from people that will yield great mutual business opportunities.”

Dr. Richard M. Lynch
Environmental Safety Management Corporation

“I would like to thank the chamber for the outstanding service that your organization provides to our company. The chamber always responds quickly to matters that are significantly important to our company. This is important considering the time constraints and other challenges we face. The depth of the chamber's relationships on the state and federal levels, remain unparalleled when compared to associations we have relationships with in other states. We appreciate your professionalism and efforts to make our legislative goals one of your priorities.”

Paula C. Soos
Covanta Energy Company

“The Chamber's huge list of other members gives us an opportunity to reach out to other businesses so we make progress in creating some of the business avenues for us.”

Kamal Bathla
Maestro technologies

“The Chamber provides many benefits to its members but to me first and foremost is its sharp public policy advocacy on behalf of its members.”

John Spinella
K&L Gates LLP

"The New Jersey Chamber of Commerce is a prestigious organization with a seat at the table. It is extraordinarily effective. Get engaged. It is one of the most important things you can do."

Tom Kean Jr.
Senate Republican Leader

“The people I met at the Chamber connected me with people right from the get-go that I am still doing business with and who helped me jump start my business.”

Charlene Vichness
Language Directions, LLC

“The increased business that has resulted from my association with the chamber has already paid for the cost of membership many times over. My chamber sales representative has made every effort to connect and introduce me to prospective clients, which has expanded my business. I highly recommend chamber membership to any business owner looking to network and grow.”

Michelle Hermelee
BH Sky Associates