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Ernest R. Ackerman, Plainfield
Pres., Lawrence Cement Co., New York

T. A. Adams, Jersey City
Pres., Union Terminal Cold Storage Co., Inc.

T. Frank Appleby, Asbury Park
Real Estate

John S. Applegate, Red Bank
Counsellor at Law

F. E. Armbruster, Jersey City
Sec. & Treas., People’s Safe Deposit & Trust Co.

Benjamin Atha, Newark

Frederick L. Atkins, Rutherford
Bobbink & Atkins

Harry Bacharach, Atlantic City
Pres., Equitable Trust Co.

J. H. Bacheller, Newark
Pres., Ironbound Trust Co.

Christian Bahnsen, Passaic
Gen. Mgr., Gera Mills

F. H. Ball, Bound Brook
Gen. Mgr., American Engine Co.

Maurice Barnett, Bayonne
Vice-Pres., Electro-Dynamic Co.

William A. Barstow, South Orange
Mercantile Business, New York

Carroll P. Bassett, Summit
Consulting Engineer

E. C. Bataille, Newark
Pres., American National Bank

Putnam A. Bates, Convent
Consulting Engineer, New York

Jacob L. Bauer, Elizabeth
County Engineer

J. D. Bedle, Jersey City
Counselor at Law

Marcus A. Beeman, Jersey City
Sec., New Jersey State Chamber of Commerce

Edward T. Bell, Paterson
Pres., First National Bank

Henry F. Bell, Paterson
Pres., Citizens Trust Company

Julius Bernstein, Paterson
Treas., American Silk Mfg. Co.

J. W. Rufus Besson, Hoboken
Judge, District Court

U. N. Bethell, Montclair
Pres., New York Telephone Company

Ernest Biardot, Jersey City
Pres., The Franco-American Food Company

M. W. Bingham, Edgewater
Manager, James Pyle & Sons

William D. Blauvelt, Paterson
Pres., Second National Bank

E. H. Bonnell, Orange
Pres., Second National Bank

D. M. Brady, Jersey City
Pres. Brady Brass Company

Julius Brandes, Paterson
Pres., Julius Brandes Mfg. Co.

Andrew Brannagan, Jersey City
Real Estate

William F. Brown, Jersey City
Treas., Dodge & Bliss Company

E. H. Brownell, Elizabeth
Vice-Pres. & Treas., American Swiss File & Tool Co., New York

Willis L. Brownell, Ampere
Treas., Crocker-Wheeler Company

William F. Brunner, Passaic
Vice-Pres., The Paterson Parchment Paper Co.

A. R. Buffington, Madison
Brig. Gen’l. and Chief of Ordinance, U.S.A. (Retired)

Curtis R. Burnett, Newark
Sec., American Oil & Supply Co.

Walter J. Buzby, Atlantic City
Proprietor, Hotel Dennis

John A. Campbell, Trenton
Pres., The Trenton Potteries Co.

Palmer Campbell, Hoboken
Gen’l Mgr., Hoboken Land & Improvement Co.

Arthur L. Canfield, Somerville
Mechanical Engineer, New York

John H. Capstick, Montville
John Capstick & Sons

Jacob W. C. Carber, Newton

E. S. Carr, Newark
Sec., & Treas., City Trust Company of Newark

William T. Carter, Newark
Carter, Howe & Co. of New York

John Claflin, Morristown
Pres., H. B. Claflin Co., New York

C. L. Cole, Atlantic City
Judge, Circuit Court

Austen Colgate, Jersey City
2nd Vice-Pres., Colgate & Co.

Gilbert Collins, Jersey City
Counsellor at Law

Charles A. Colton, Newark
Director, Newark Technical School

George A. Colvin, Summit
Counsellor at Law, New York

Oscar H. Condit, East Orange
Sec. & Treas., Essex County Trust Company

Franklin Conklin, Newark
Pres., Flood & Conklin Co.

M. T. Connolly, Jersey City
M. T. Connolly Contracting Co.

G. R. Cook, Trenton
Pres., Cook’s Linoleum Company

James W. Cooke, Paterson
Treas., John W. Ferguson Co.

Arthur S. Corbin, Passaic
Vice-Pres., The Guarantee Mortgage & Title Insurance Co.

George B. Corsa, Bound Brook
Real Estate, New York

Robert Crabb, Newark
W. Crabb & Co.

Augustus S. Crane, Elizabeth
Publisher, Elizabeth Daily Journal

David R. Daly, Jersey City
Vice-Pres. & Treas., J. H. Gautier & Company

Joseph P. Day, Millburn
Real Estate, New York

Waters B. Day, Newark
Pres., Newark Trust Company

George F. Deacon, Bordentown

R. R. Debacher, Hoboken
Pres., William Schimper & Co.

Frank L. Devine, Elizabeth
Sec., Elizabeth Board of Trade

Gustave Donat, Passaic
Pres., The Walser Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Frederick W. Donnelly, Trenton

Cornelius Doremus, Ridgewood
Judge, District Court

G. W. Draesel, Hoboken

Forrest F. Dryden, Newark
Pres., The Prudential Insurance Company of America

Philip S. Dyer, Phillipsburg
Vice-Pres. & Treas., American Horse Shoe Co.

Thomas A. Edison, West Orange

Edward I. Edwards, Jersey City
Cashier, First National Bank

P. Egenolf, Elizabeth

Isaac W. England, Passaic
Pres., Passaic Metal Ware Company

Charles W. Ennis, Morristown
C. W. Ennis & Company, Inc.

Britton D. Evans, Greystone Park
Medical Director, State Hospital

John D. Everitt, Orange
Pres., Orange National Bank

Lawrence Fagan, Jersey City
Pres., Fagan Iron Works

Fred P. Fairbanks, Passaic
Sec., The Pantasote Leather Co.

Christian W. Feigenspan, Newark
Pres., Christian Feigenspan, A Corporation

Theodore S. Fettinger, Newark
Advertising Manager, Hahne & Co.

William J. Field, Jersey City
Sec. & Treas., Commercial Trust Company of New Jersey

August A. Fischer, Paterson
Pres., Hamilton Silk Co.

Christian Fleissner, Newark
Pres., The Board & Market National Bank of Newark

Frederick B. Flinn, Newark
Consulting Chemist

Robert H. Fordyce, Paterson
Vice-Pres., German-American Trust Co.

Julius Forstmann, Passaic
Pres., Forstmann & Huffmann Co.

Peter H. Fowler, Bloomfield
Pres., Scott & Bowne

J. E. Freeman, Jersey City
Sec., The American Sugar Refining Company

Samuel Freeman, Morristown
Pres., Morristown Trust Company

Frederick Frelinghuysen, Newark
Pres., The Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Company

Joseph S. Frelinghuysen, Raritan
Insurance, New York

Louis S. Fugazzi, Hoboken
Real Estate & General Insurance

Charles W. Fuller, Jersey City
Counsellor at Law

Joseph D. Gallagher, Glen Ridge
Vice-Pres., American Brake Shoe & Foundry Company, New York

Edmund LeB. Gardner, Passaic
Treas., Dundee Water Power & Land Co.

John J. Gardner, Atlantic City
Real Estate and Insurance

W. A. Garrigues, Plainfield
Pres., Levering & Garrigues Co., New York

G. W. F. Gaunt, Mullica Hill

George W. Gerlach, Jersey City
Butler Bros.

A. F. Gerstell, Easton, PA
Pres., Alpha Portland Cement Co.

George B. Gifford, Bayonne
Mgr., Standard Oil Works, New York

Alexander Gilbert, Plainfield
Pres., Market & Fulton National Bank, New York

Patrick H. Gilhooly, Elizabeth
Counsellor at Law

James A. Gordon, Jersey City
Counsellor at Law

Daniel S. Goss, Rutherford
Real Estate

Edward Gray, Newark
4th V.P., The Prudential Insurance Company of America

T. E. Gurtner, Newark
Electro-Therapeutic Institute

Paul Haberland, Garfield
Pres., Garfield Worsted Mills

C. H. K. Halsey, Elizabeth
Pres., Union County Trust Company

Augustus V. Hamburg, Newark
Pres., Hamburg Button Co.

Edlow W. Harrison, Jersey City
Consulting Engineer

Joseph Harrison, Jersey City
Sec. & Treas., Bergen & Lafayette Trust Co.

Edwin H. Hatch, Maplewood
N. W. Halsey & Co., New York

John Headden, Jersey City
John Headden & Sons

Henry W. Heller, Paterson
Pres., Heller-Hardt Hat Band Co.

Arthur C. Hensler, Newark
Sec., Joseph Hensler Brewing Co.

Ernest J. Heppenheimer, Jersey City
Pres., The Colonial Life Insurance Company of America

William C. Heppenheimer, Hoboken
Pres., The Trust Company of New Jersey

John W. Herbert, Helmetta
Attorney at Law, New York

Alexander Hexamer, Hoboken
Hexamer Riding Academy

H. R. Heydon, Jersey City
Asst. Sec., New Jersey State Chamber of Commerce

Ralph A. Hoffman, Jersey City
Hoffman Bros.

L. Hofheimer, New Brunswick
United Cigar Manufacturers Co.

Henry L. Holmes, Orange
Cashier, Orange National Bank

Philip I. Hover, Ridgewood
Pres., Ridgewood Development and Construction Co., New York

B. Hunting Howell, Garfield
Pres., Hemmimg Manufacturing Co.

Frank Hughes, Passaic
Pres., Dundee Textile Co.

Alex. C. Humphreys, Hoboken
Pres., Stevens Institute of Technology

Edward J. Ill, Newark

Charles H. Ingersoll, South Orange
Sec. & Treas., Robert H. Ingersoll & Bro., New York

Worthington M. Jacobus, Rutherford
Civil Engineer, New York

R. C. Jeffcott, Somerville
Vice-Pres., The Cott-a-lap Co.

Charles F. H. Johnson, Passaic
Sec., Rowland, Shafto & Johnson, Inc.

Eldridge R. Johnson, Camden
Pres., Victor Talking Machine Co.

Wilbur S. Johnson, Newark
3rd V.P. & Comptroller, The Prudential Insurance Co. of America

Otto H. Kahn, Morristown
Kuhn, Loeb & Co., New York

Emil G. Kattermann, Dover
Swiss Knitting Co.

Ernest Kauder, Rahway
Vice-Pres., Merck & Co., New York

Robert D. Kent, Passaic
Pres., Merchants Bank of Passaic

William B. Kinney, Newark
Counsellor at Law

Anthony R. Kuser, Newark
4th Vice-Pres., Public Service Corporation of New Jersey

Rudolph V. Kuser, Trenton
Asst. Treas., Peoples Brewing Co.

Meyer Kussy, Newark
Pres., West Side Trust Company

William A. Lambert, Nutley
Pres., Nutley Realty Co.

T.W. Lamont, Englewood
J. P. Morgan & Co., New York

Henry Lang, Montclair
Pres., Rendrock Powder Co., New York

A. Lawshe, Trenton
Treas., The Trent Tile Co.

H. D. Leavitt, Trenton
Asst. Cashier, Mechanics National Bank

Henry W. Leeds, Atlantic City
Prop., Haddon Hall and The Chalfonte

Gustav W. Lembeck, Jersey City
Lembeck & Betz Eagle Brewing Co.

William H. Leupp, New Brunswick
Manager of Estates, etc., New York

Lewis Levi, Paterson
Pres., Manhattan Shirt Company

Watson R. Lewis, Atlantic City
Mercantile Business

Gustav Lindenthal, Metuchen
Civil Engineer, New York

E. T. S. Lord, Glen Ridge
Director, Charles Scribner’s Sons, Inc., New York

Samuel Ludlow, Jr., Jersey City
Pres., Union Trust Company of New Jersey

Charles O. Lyon, Newark
Pres., Thatcher Furnace Co., New York

A. Heyward McAlpin, Convent
Charles A. Frank & Co., New York

Andrew F. McBride, Paterson

Thos. N. McCarter, Newark
Pres., Public Service Corporation of New Jersey

Uzal H. McCarter, Newark
Pres., Fidelity Trust Company

Charles A. McCormick, New Brunswick
Treas., Johnson & Johnson

Richard A. McCurdy, Morristown

James J. McKenzie, Carlton Hill
Treas., Standard Bleachery Co.

Kenneth M. McKenzie, Carlton Hill
Vice-Pres., Carlton Realty Co.

Frank Maass, Paterson
Sec., National Silk Dyeing Co.

Thomas J. Maloney, Jersey City
Pres., P. Lorillard Co.

Hudson Maxim, Maxim Park Landing
Inventor, Brooklyn

John Mehl, Jr., Jersey City
Pres., John Mehl & Co.

Hugh Meehan, Jersey City
Liquor Dealer

Julius P. Meyer, Hoboken
Vice-Director, Hamburg-American Line

Leopold Meyer, Newark
Vice-Pres., American Undergarment Co.

Alexander Milne, Plainfield
General Contractor

Harry C. Mitchell, Newark
Sec. & Gen. Mgr., Commercial Casualty Insurance Company of Newark

Benjamin Moore, Upper Montclair
Pres., Benjamin Moore & Co., Brooklyn

Richard Morrell, Passaic
Pres., Campbell Morrell & Co.

L. W. Morse, Bayonne
Vice-Pres. & Treas., Tenbroeck, Morse, Eddy Co., Inc.

Samuel V. S. Muzzy, Paterson
Muzzy Bros.

J. A. Nelson, Paterson
Gen. Mgr., The East Jersey Pipe Co.

R. W. Nelson, Jersey City
Pres., American Type Founders Co.

Henry E. Niese, Jersey City
Director, The American Sugar Refining Co.

C. H. Oakley, Trenton
Pres., Essex Rubber Co.

Sigmund Ojserkis, Atlantic City
Pres., Sigmund Ojserkis Co.

James Owen, Newark
Civil Engineer

W. Everett Parsons, Newark
Vice-Pres., United Ice Improvement Co.

George F. Perkins, Jersey City
Pres., Provident Institution for Savings

William Peter, Jr., Town of Union
Vice-Pres., William Peter Brewing Co.

John J. Phelps, Hackensack
Executor, etc., New York

Edward S. Pierson, Jersey City
Pres., Greenville Banking & Trust Company

Dan Fellows Platt, Englewood
Counsellor at Law, New York

Joseph W. Plume, Newark
Pres., Manufacturers National Bank

George B. Post, Bernardsville
George B. Post & Sons, New York

Edward Randolph, Newark
Pres., Balbach Smelting and Refining Co.

William Riddle, Atlantic City

Joseph M. Riker, Newark
Pres., Merchants National Bank

Jacob Ringle, Jersey City
Jacob Ringle & Son

Ryerson Ritchie, Jersey City
Executive Director, New Jersey State Chamber of Commerce

William H. Ritter, New Brunswick
Sec., Middlesex Transportation Co.

Ferdinand W. Roebling, Trenton
Sec., John A. Roebling’s Sons Co.

Charles D. Ross, New Brunswick
Vice Pres., Middlesex Title & Guarantee Co.

Richard Rossiter, Paterson
The Society for Establishing Useful Manufacturers

Archibald D. Russell, Princeton
Capitalist, New York

Joseph W. Salus, Atlantic City
A. Salus & Son

A. E. Sanford, Newark
Retired Contractor

George F. Sauer, Town of Union
Sec. & Treas., Daniel Bermes Boulevard Brewery

W. L. Saunders, Plainfield
Pres., Ingersoll-Rand Co., New York

William Scheerer, Newark
Pres., Union National Bank of Newark

Charles A. Schenck, New Brunswick
Sec., Brunswick Refrigerating Co.

A. G. Scherer, Newark
Oscar Scherer & Bro.

Milton J. Schloss, Camden
Treas., Castle Kid Co.

Emil Schumann, Jersey City
Gustav Schumann’s Sons

Richard J, Scoles, Passaic
Pres., The Passaic Trust & Safe Deposit Co.

George N. Seger, Passaic

Frank L. Sheppard, West End
Gen. Supt., Pennsylvania Railroad Co., New York

Louis Sherwood, Jersey City
Pres., Van Houten & Sherwood Company

Theodore Simonson, Newton
Counsellor at Law

Grant Sipp, Paterson
Pres., Sipp Machine Co.

C. Howard Slater, Jersey City
Real Estate

George T. Smith, Jersey City
Pres., First National Bank

J. B. R. Smith, Newark
Pres., The Corporation Organization & Maintenance Co.

Lloyd W. Smith, Madison
V.P. & Sec., Harris, Forbes & Co., New York

R. E. Smith, Newark
Sec. & Treas., Roseville Trust Co.

M. B. Snevily, Bayonne
Sec., Oil Seeds Co., New York

C. E. Henry Stengel, Newark
Stengel & Rothschild

Frank Stevens, Jersey City
Real Estate

Arthur C. Stratford, Jersey City
Pres., George Stratford Oakum Co.

Jerome Taylor, Newark
Trust Officer, Fidelity Trust Company

J. B. Thompson, Atlantic City
Pres., Chelsea National Bank

Samuel Townsend, Plainfield
Director, The Plainfield Trust Co.

W. E. Tuttle, Jr., Westfield
Tuttle Bros.

DeWitt VanBuskirk, Bayonne
Pres., Mechanics Trust Company

Stuart M. Vanderbeek, Jersey City
Pres., Vanderbeek & Sons, Inc.

James VanDyk, Montclair
James Van Dyk Company, New York

George A. Viehmann, New Brunswick
Pres., The New Brunswick Fire Insurance Co.

B. G. Volger, Passaic
Treas., B. G. Volger Mfg. Co.

C. B. Warner, Edgewater
Vice-Pres. & Treas., Warner Sugar Refining Co., New York

Samuel J. Watson, Paterson
Pres. & Treas., The Watson Machine Co.

J. Hollis Wells, Jersey City
Clinton & Russell, New York

Arthur R. Wendell, Rahway
Treas., The Wheatena Company

Schuyler Skaats Wheeler, Ampere
Pres., Crocker-Wheeler Company

Allen K. White, Atlantic City
2nd Vice-Pres., Josiah White & Sons Co.

Blanchard H. White, Mount Holly
Counsellor at Law

Charles D. White, Atlantic City
3rd Vice-Pres., Josiah White & Sons Co.

John J. White, Atlantic City
Judge, Court of Errors and Appeals

Ferdinand Wilckes, Passaic
Sec., Wilckes, Martin, Wilckes Co., New York

Michael Winter, Orange
Prop., Orange Brewery

Walter Wood, Camden
R. D. Wood & Co.

F. M. Yorston, New Brunswick
Sec., The Board of Trade