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N.J. poll: Business leaders optimistic

Spring Business SurveyThe New Jersey Chamber of Commerce says business leaders apparently are more optimistic about the state's economy than they were a year ago.

A survey conducted by the organization found two-thirds of members expect their revenues to improve in the coming year, compared with 57 percent last year, and more than half anticipate more profits.

But most members expect their work force to be steady, similar to last year's survey findings.

Nearly two-thirds believe Gov. Chris Christie's national prominence is good for economic development in the Garden State.

Similarly, more than two-thirds said the state's business climate has improved since Christie took office in 2009.

A majority said red tape in state agencies is difficult but improving. The greatest concern for respondents is limited consumer spending, followed by regulatory requirements and taxes.

More than a third said federal health care reform has had no impact on their business, while a quarter said it will hinder their business in the long run and 15 percent said it's already hurt their business.

Eight percent said federal health care reform has helped their business, and 15 percent expect it to help their business in the long run.

About half of survey respondents said they want Mitt Romney to win the upcoming presidential election, and about a third prefer President Barack Obama.

Chamber officials say 112 members participated in the survey, which was conducted from April 19 to May 4.