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2017 12 13 Elizabeth Muoio SGov.-elect Phil Murphy will announce Wednesday he will nominate a Democratic first-term state assemblywoman and local government official to become New Jersey's next state treasurer, two sources with knowledge of the decision confirmed to NJ Advance Media.


The New Jersey Chamber of Commerce congratulates Gov.-elect Phil Murphy for his nomination of Assemblywoman Elizabeth Muoio as state treasurer.

Assemblywoman Muoio has served with distinction on the state Assembly's Budget and Economic Development committees and as Mercer County's Director of Economic Development & Sustainability.


2017 12 13 Trump SCongressional Republicans agreed Wednesday to gut the federal deduction for state and local taxes -- a major tax break for middle-class families, especially in New Jersey -- while giving wealthy Americans a bigger tax cut.


Jobs for New Jersey's Graduates and AT&T are working together to help raise the high school graduation rate and support career paths for underserved students. Because of its success in keeping kids in school, Jobs for New Jersey's Graduates was one of 34 Jobs for America's Graduates (JAG) state affiliates selected to share in $3.5 million from AT&T. The announcement was made at Jobs for New Jersey's annual Student Leadership Conference at Rider University.


2017 12 08 Tax impact by county SNew Jersey homeowners would pay the biggest price under the Senate Republican tax plan, according to an independent analysis.

Twelve of the 20 counties expected to suffer the biggest drop in home prices are in the Garden State, according to a study by Moody's Analytics reported in Slate magazine.


2017 12 089 Housing blow SUsually, Tom Bracken said, he would do cartwheels over a plan to cut corporate taxes.

Instead, this week the president of the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce blasted the Republican tax plan now nearing the finish line, saying it would harm property values in the Garden State and discourage quality workers from moving there.

“It’s going to make it more expensive to live here,” Bracken said on a media call.


2017 12 7 Gov Christie SGov. Chris Christie, who will contribute $2.5 billion to the government worker pensions this year, said Wednesday that money alone will not save the pension system. "It's only the reforms that are going to change this problem" said Christie, who leaves office next month.


2017 12 05 Gottheimer Lance SA bipartisan pair of New Jersey congressmen made a pitch Tuesday to save the federal deduction for state and local taxes, a write-off that helps make the Garden State more affordable and that would be sharply curtailed in the overhaul of the tax code President Donald Trump wants to sign by Christmas.


2017 10 29 Cory Booker JAG students SSen. Cory Booker talked to students and teachers from the 'Jobs for New Jersey’s Graduates' program in Washington on Oct. 29. The New Jersey  Chamber of Commerce Foundation manages the nonprofit program, which is the New Jersey affiliate of ‘Jobs for America’s Graduates,’ the nation’s largest student dropout prevention program feared toward young people who are most at-risk. For more info on ‘Jobs for New Jersey's Graduates” and how your company can support it, click here.


The Republican-led tax reform plan – called by many Democrats simply a “tax cut” plan for major corporations and the super wealthy – has the backing of President Donald Trump and seems poised for a Senate vote soon. The bill would drastically cut the corporate tax rate, and the Senate plan would also include a sort of “back-door” plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act by doing away with the requirement that people buy health insurance or pay a fine to the Internal Revenue Service.


2017 10 04 Tom Bracken SThe head of the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce called a tax bill moving through Congress "very dangerous" for the state on Tuesday, the same day the national chamber urged senators to support it and said those who don't would get negative marks on the group's congressional scorecard.

"The thing we cannot afford right now is to become less affordable, to become less competitive," Thomas Bracken, president of the state chamber, said Tuesday at an appearance in Paramus with Rep. Josh Gottheimer.


U.S. Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-5) welcomed Tom Bracken, the President of the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce, to Paramus Today to tag team on a Tax Hike Bill beat down.

Flanked by local Chamber leaders throughout Northern New Jersey, Gottheimer and Bracken bashed the Tax Hike Bill and exposed how it makes New Jersey less affordable and less competitive.