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Analysis: Christie Needs Pension Panel for Political and Practical Reasons

Gov Christie Faced with a pension crisis that imperils both future budgets and his presidential ambitions, Gov. Chris Christie once again is turning to a commission to provide policy options and political cover.


Christie defends NJ budget, talks pension reform on CNBC

Gov. Chris Christie appears on CNBC's "Squawk Box" this morning. (CNBC) During a television interview this morning, Gov. Chris Christie defended his decision to reduce payments to the public-worker pension system to balance the new state budget — and vowed to introduce more pension reforms at some point this summer.


Christie likely to veto tax hikes, sign new budget today

Gov Christie The governor has pledged to redline a package of tax hikes designed by Democrats and opposed by Republicans and business lobbyists. The likely targets are a bill to raise the income tax for any earnings above $1 million during three years, and another bill that imposes a 15 percent corporate-tax surcharge for a year.


Business Leaders Oppose Democrats’ Tax Hike Proposal

2014-06-25 NJTV video They assembled early at the State House, about 30 business leaders upset at the Democrats' call for tax hikes to balance the budget.

"We've had enough. The business community has had enough anti-business legislation," said New Jersey Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Thomas Bracken.


Business groups rally against proposals for increased income, corporate taxes

Christie signing bill A large coalition of business groups, trade organizations and state legislators took to the Statehouse steps Tuesday in opposition to a budget proposal put forth by Senate and Assembly Democrats that would raise taxes on millionaires and businesses.


Saving N.J.'s budget caps: Editorial

NJ Assembly ChamberThe deal struck to preserve the 2 percent cap on police and firefighter pay raises comes as a relief. Without it, New Jersey towns were at a real risk of losing the control over budgets and property taxes they've exercised since 2011.