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The New Jersey Chamber of Commerce is tracking legislation and other items important to the business community:


Economic Development
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Permit Extension Act
A-1338 / S-743
(Greenwald/D-6; DeCroce/R-26; Green/D-22; Milam/D-1; Moriarty/D-4; Bramnick/R-21; Sarlo/D-36; Oroho/R-24):

Governor signed into law on September 21. This bill pushes back the expiration date of permit approvals to December 31, 2014. It also establishes a new definition of "extension area" to ensure that approvals in these areas remain valid. The State Chamber supports this legislation as a necessary continuation of the Permit Extension Act of 2008 and its successor legislation that was enacted in 2010. The poor economic climate has severely affected the state's banking, real estate and construction sectors. Businesses cannot easily obtain financing under existing economic conditions and in some cases are forced to delay scheduled projects that have already been approved by a government entity and granted permits. Such delays result in some of these permits expiring before the projects are completed. Given that the permit application process is extremely time consuming and expensive, it makes sense to allow additional time for stalled projects to be completed.


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Foreclosure of Abandoned Residential Properties
(Green/D-22; Singleton/D-7):

Committee passed. This bill authorizes lenders to begin the foreclosure process for residential properties deemed vacant or abandoned according to fulfillment of at least two of the 15 conditions enumerated in the bill. Should the courts determine the property is vacant, the sheriff will have 75 days to sell the property.

Assembly Housing and Local Government Committee A-3248 Vote: Green, Jerry (Chari) - Yes; Jasey, Mila M. (Vice Chair) - Yes; Carroll, Michael Patrick - Yes; Clifton, Robert D. - Yes; Jimenez, Angelica M. - Yes; Quijano, Annette - Not Voting


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Hydraulic Fracturing
A-575 / S-253
(Wagner/D-38; Gusciora/D-15; Vainieri Huttle/D-37; Ramos/D-33; Gordon/D-38; Beck/R-11):

Governor issued an absolute veto on September 21. This bill prohibits any wastewater resulting from hydraulic fracturing to be shipped or transported from any other state or treated in New Jersey. This bill would set a bad precedent for New Jersey as the state seeks to benefit from a needed domestic supply of natural gas to meet the goals of the Energy Master Plan.


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Stormwater Utilities
(Spencer/D-29; Ramos/D-33):

Committee passed. This bill authorizes county or municipal utilities to establish and maintain stormwater utilities in order to manage stormwater runoff. The N.J. Chamber opposes this legislation because it would impose an additional tax on businesses.

Assembly Environment and Solid Waste Committee A-2641 Vote: Spencer, L. Grace (Chair) - Yes; Gusciora, Reed (Vice Chair) Not Voting; Barnes, Peter J., III - Yes; Milam, Matthew W. - Yes; Ramos, Ruben J., Jr. - Yes; Rudder, Scott - No; Schepisi, Holly - No


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Gender Parity Package
(Fuentes/D-5; Lampitt/D-6; Riley/D-3): Governor issued a conditional veto on September 21.
(Lampitt/D-6; Riley/D-3; Moriarty/D-4): Governor issued an absolute veto on September 21.
(Lampitt/D-6; Riley/D-3; Moriarty/D-4): Governor issued a conditional veto on September 21.

This package of bills was intended to provide protection for women against employment discrimination. However, these bills duplicated existing laws, imposed new and onerous administrative requirements on employers and exposed them to unnecessary litigation and new penalties. Additionally, the N .J. Chamber was concerned that this legislation would violate employees' privacy.


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Modernizing LLC's
A-1543 / S-742
(Burzichelli/D-3; Rumana/R-40; Singleton/D-7; Wisniewski/D-19; Ramos/D-33; Moriarty/D-4; Sarlo/D-36; Oroho/R-24):

Governor signed into law on September 21. This bill modernizes the regulations governing the creation and operation of limited liability companies in New Jersey.


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