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Opponents of Minimum Wage Increase Say It Would Hurt Businesses

Press ConferenceA coalition of business leaders used the backdrop of boardwalk businesses damaged by the Seaside Heights fire to make their point — it's not the right time or the right way to raise the minimum wage.

"We are not against addressing the minimum wage question and also we are not against helping the working poor. We are only against the mechanism with which this is proposed," said New Jersey State Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Tom Bracken.


Take your hands off the N.J. constitution: Opinion

State House DomeThe Legislature's effort to insert new minimum-wage rules into the New Jersey Constitution is but the latest attempt to corrupt the document, from fundamental law to a collection of special-interest policies. It's the Democratic majority's petulant response to Gov. Chris Christie's conditional veto of a bill to raise the minimum wage, followed by regular cost-of-living increases.


Super Cola XLVIII: Pepsi pays NJ Transit $1.1 M to adorn stations, trains with ads

2013-09-25 Super Cola XLVIIINJ Transit and its advertising contractor will get more than $1 million from Pepsi to decorate stations, trains and buses in advertising leading up to the Super Bowl.


Christie promises to rebuild, as firefighters continue to knock down hot spots at Seaside Boardwalk

2013-09-13 Seaside FireOCEAN COUNTY — Gov. Chris Christie this morning promised to rebuild the Boardwalk at Seaside, even as firefighters continued to knock down hot spots in the ruins left by the inferno.

"We are tough and we stand together in a crisis," said the governor in a morning press briefing.