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2017 11 07 Tom Bracken STHE WALL STREET JOURNAL: The New Jersey Chamber of Commerce came out against the House GOP tax bill Monday, a move that could put pressure on the state’s Republicans to vote against it without significant changes to the legislation.


The New Jersey Chamber of Commerce believes that effective tax reform can grow New Jersey's economy at the same time that it boosts the national economy. Any tax reform legislation should result in a net benefit for every state. The tax reform legislation introduced last week would not be positive for New Jersey. While some citizens and businesses in the state would benefit, many more would not.


2017 RTB Mroz SRichard S. Mroz, president of the state Board of Public Utilities since 2014, discussed New Jersey's Energy Master Plan and the work the state is doing to prepare for the next threat in the post-Sandy era, during an Oct. 31 address to business leaders.


2017 10 26 Liberty Gala SThe New Jersey Chamber of Commerce's Liberty Gala Oct. 26 commemorated the 100th anniversary of Fort Dix, and celebrated military heroes of New Jersey dating back to the nation's birth. Among those honored were Vietnam War veteran Col. (Ret.) Jack Jacobs, a Medal of Honor recipient, one of the most decorated soldiers of his generation and currently a military affairs analyst for NBC.


2017 10 26 Archie FaganThe state’s Chamber of Commerce is at the center of business in New Jersey. Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst is at the center of the state’s military community. At its Liberty Gala, the chamber celebrated the joint base’s importance to the nation’s military preparedness and its critical role in the state’s economy, which is sometimes easy to forget when you think of the role men and women in uniform usually play.


2017 10 18 Networking Breakfast SNew Jersey Chamber of Commerce members exchanged business cards and discussed the latest Chamber programs, events and ways to grow their businesses at a networking event October 18 held in the suites of the Gannett NJ-Asbury Park Press headquarters in Neptune.


On the heels of the first Affordability Summit, where serious issues about New Jersey's economic future were presented, OpportunityNew Jersey (ONJ) has released its white paper analysis of the event to the state's gubernatorial candidates, legislators and the current Administration with an urgent call for a comprehensive state strategic plan for a more affordable New Jersey.

"The time for action is now," said ONJ co-chairs Tom Bracken and Michele Siekerka. "We had incredibly constructive dialogue about how to make New Jersey more affordable and regionally competitive at our summit. We came away knowing that New Jersey needs a long-term, sustainable plan that will address the overriding issues that have limited our economic growth.


2017 10 11 Legislative Awards SThe New Jersey Chamber of Commerce honored four legislators, the head of the state Board of Public Utilities (BPU) and a tireless New Jersey energy company executive - all of whom have gone above and beyond to help recharge New Jersey's business climate - at a reception in Pennington on Oct. 11.

The event, held at the Bank of America Hopewell Conference Center, attracted 150 guests, including members of both parties - many of whom said it is time for the parties to put politics aside and pave the way for more economic development and jobs in the Garden State.


2017 10 11 NJ 1015 STom Bracken, the president of the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce, said often in New Jersey there’s a lot of talk and no action, but this idea is all about action “that is going to be transformational for the workplace and workforce development in New Jersey.”


More than 22,000 New Jersey residents are afforded the protection of DACA. These residents have lived here virtually all of their lives and have become engrained in our communities. Like the rest of our citizens, they work here and they pay taxes here.


2017 10 10 Gubernatorial Debate 1sThe low-profile governor’s race in New Jersey shed its sleepy veneer on Tuesday night as the first general election debate quickly descended into an hourlong rumpus that was both acerbic and wonkish with the two candidates repeatedly lacing into each other’s positions and personal background.


2017 10 04 Tom Bracken SThe leaders at Opportunity NJ are not waiting around for the gubernatorial election to take action.

Fewer than three weeks after the organization’s Affordability Summit — an event that brought hundreds of business and government leaders together to discuss New Jersey’s future — it already has produced a white paper-type analysis it will soon present to the gubernatorial candidates.