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NJ Chamber of Commerce - Enterprise Magazine

ENTERPRISE 1Q2013This four color glossy magazine is delivered quarterly to more than 5,000 members of the State Chamber and other New Jersey business, education, media, and government professionals. Executives and decision makers are the prime readers of Enterprise, but multiple managers and specialists at each of the 1,700 member organizations receive the publication. This is your opportunity to promote to all Chamber members (including 56 Fortune 500 companies), as well as other businesses and prospects all across New Jersey. Marketing is not an area that should come and go with normal economic shifts, but rather be a consistent part of your business plan. Show the market that your firm is strong and viable in these times, and promote yourself to gain valuable market share for the future. Click here for advertising information and to download the magazine.


Free Guide to Federal, State and Corporate Procurement Opportunities

2013 Braddocks Procurement GuideBraddock's Procurement Opportunities Guide, 2013 Edition, is designed to help small-business owners and decision-makers understand the procurement process used by governments and large corporations.

This guide provides an overview of government and corporate markets with an emphasis on who buys and how buying decisions are made as well as "next-step" resources that small business can use to penetrate these markets.

Topics include:

  • Selling to the Federal Government/State Governments
  • Selling to Large Corporations
  • Selling to Foreign Governments and International Organizations
  • "Green" Procurement
  • Special Resources for Women-, Minority-, or Veteran-Owned Businesses

A glossary of procurement-related terms is included, as well as a procurement preparation checklist, information about teaming agreements and joint ventures, and more.

Available at no charge to you - this special PDF edition of Braddock's Procurement Opportunities Guide is available at no charge thanks to the generous support of Microsoft Corporation. Braddock's Procurement Opportunities Guide is published and copyrighted by Braddock Communications, Inc.

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2015 New Jersey Human Resources Library

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Our New Jersey HR Compliance Guides can help you steer clear of costly lawsuits and legal fees. With all of the essential information in one place, you'll be equipped with the tools you need to quickly handle the day-to-day HR issues that come up at every business.


The Guides Are Just the Beginning.

With our compliance guides, you'll get quality publications with information from top attorneys. We recommend starting with the New Jersey Human Resources Manual, the most comprehensive New Jersey guide we have (available in print, online subscription, or both).

You can use this guide for day-to-day HR and advice, to build your employee handbook, find sample policies, maintain labor law compliance, and more.

But that's just the start; you also get access to the HR Dashboard, the place to view & search publications online, see recent updates, get caught up on HR news and find upcoming events on topical issues.

With your online publications, you'll also receive Periodic Content Updates, Labor Law Alerts, and the HR Update Newsletter from the hrsimple editorial team. You'll know anytime we make a change that affects you and your guides will reflect it.


Find answers quickly, keep up-to-date and stay compliant with labor laws.

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Survey Provides You with Data to Make Decisions

product compensation dataIn today's changing economy, HR professionals are faced with the challenge of cutting costs while still retaining their best employees. The New Jersey Chamber of Commerce has partnered with Compdata Surveys to offer the largest pay and benefits survey in the state, Compensation Data - New Jersey. With this tool, you'll have the data you need to make critical compensation decisions.

In this one resource, you'll find benefit, pay practices and salary information. Pay data is broken out by industry, geography and company size, to provide you with the information that best suits your organization. Comprehensive and complete, you'll receive:

  • Detailed pay data for more than 600 job titles, ranging from entry-level through CEO
  • Benefits data on medical, dental, vision and life insurance, pension plans and PTO
  • Cost containment and reduction measures for medical coverage
  • A complete section on pay practices
  • And much more!

Significant savings are available when you order a two-year subscription. Participation in the survey is required. As a member of the New Jersey Chamber, you'll also receive an additional $20 off your order. To order the Compensation Data - New Jersey survey results, contact Compdata Surveys. Mention promo code NJCC to receive your full discount.

Reserve your copy of Compensation Data 2011 today.
Phone: 1-800-300-9570
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NJ Chamber of Commerce Legislative Roster

Legislative RosterOrder Extra Copies of the Most Complete Guide to the 216th NJ State Legislature

This resource guide contains information on the members of the state Senate, Assembly, U.S. Congress, the Governor's staff and Cabinet. Committee assignments, as well as information on our Congressional delegation are included. Phone and fax numbers of New Jersey's daily newspapers are also included. Members receive one complimentary copy, but you can order extras.

Price: 1 to 99 copies: $3 per book members/$6 per book
100 + copies: $2 per book/100 + copies $4 per book

7% sales tax must be added to each order. Tax-exempt organizations must provide copy exempt certificate. There is no charge for shipping and handling.

Call Candise Tanner at 609-989-7888 to order. Click here to download the order form (PDF).


New Jersey Tax Handbook

$55.95 | $45.95 State Chamber members

nj tax coverA quick, no-nonsense primer on the taxes and the law, with useful examples and helpful insights. Unlike other volumes, this book doesn't just paraphrase the tax code, it gives a quick, no-nonsense primer on the taxes and the law, with useful examples and helpful insights. Citations are provided to significant court decisions and statutes, giving practitioners the tools they need to get a full picture of the many nuances to the various taxes. This year, new content will be highlighted for ease of use. Due to the level of detail, its straight-to-the-point structure, and its highly regarded team of authors, the New Jersey Tax Handbook has become the preferred tax handbook for many accountants, tax attorneys and business professionals.

Chapters include:

General Administrative Provisions for New Jersey State Taxes, Gross Income Tax, New Jersey Sales and Use Tax, New Jersey Property Taxation, New Jersey Corporation Business Tax, The Corporation Income Tax, Inheritance and Estate Tax, Environmental Taxes, Unclaimed Property, Procedures, Protests & Appeals, Taxes in Brief 

Click here to order and use promotion code 451907 to receive the State Chamber $10 discount. For questions/phone orders with credit card, call Rose Traynham at (973) 854-2945. All New Jersey Law Journal Books carry a 30-day money-back guarantee.


New Jersey Employment Law

$129.95 | $64.98 State Chamber members

EmploymentlawBy Rosemary Alito, Esq.
(Now 50% off to State Chamber members)
New Jersey Law Journal Publication

Now issued as an annual paperback, New Jersey Employment Law is the most comprehensive source available in this area. For decades New Jersey has been the national leader in enunciating new legal obligations in the employment relationship. Rosemary Alito is a partner in K & L Gates, LLP and co-chair of the firm's global labor and employment practice. Alito represents management in disputes involving employment law and employee benefit law issues. She counsels on workplace policies and compliance and defends employers in litigation, including employment discrimination, wage and hour, wrongful termination, harassment and employee benefit plan terminations.

New Jersey Employment Law has been completely rewritten, revised and updated. The new annual format gives readers current information in the easiest possible format. No more complicated stand-alone updates! Chapter contents include employment contracts (including employee handbooks, informal policies, restrictive covenants); public policy claims; workplace torts; New Jersey Law Against Discrimination and other employment discrimination laws; privacy rights; state Family Leave Act; health and safety; wage and hour; unemployment compensation; temporary disability; insurance coverage; and successor liability.

650 pages  -  1 volume

Click here and use promotion code 454075 at checkout to receive this 50% State Chamber discount. For questions/phone orders with credit card, call Rose Traynham at (973) 854-2945 and mention promotion code 454075. All New Jersey Law Journal Books carry a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Straight Talk About Small Business Success In New Jersey: How To Maximize The Growth, Cash Flow And Profitability Of Your Small Business

By Salim Omar, CPA, MBA

straighttalksmallbusiness Whether you are presently running your own business or just planning to start one, this book is a must-have. There's a lot of information packed in this fun, enlightening and profitable 368 page, classic book, written specifically for New Jersey small-business owners. Written in a personable and easy-to-understand style, this book covers everything you'd want to know to take control of your business and be a success.

"Salim Omar has created the ultimate dot-to-dot book for business success. Connect the dots, which are presented in an easy-to-follow format, and you will create a picture-perfect business. The book presents a systematic way for New Jersey's entrepreneurs to prepare for every aspect of doing business in the Garden State." - Joan Verplanck, President, New Jersey Chamber of Commerce

The book is regularly priced at $18.95, plus shipping and handling. The chamber membership can get the book at a 20% discount with FREE shipping & handling. Books can be ordered by calling Tammi Kolbenheyer at (800) 748-5433 or visiting Payment by check or credit card.