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Chris Wood

“Woody took it personally. He went into action quickly, gathering together his staff and an army of chefs to feed those working to restore Sea Bright.”

Katie Cataldo

“Foxtrot Company helped rescue hundreds of Hoboken residents, including a diabetic woman in severe shock, a pregnant woman who had gone into labor and needed to be carried down six flights of stairs and...

Jay Price

“It was harrowing work, weaving through debris, rushing through floodwaters, hoping to avoid tangles of downed power lines and falling trees — all in nearly pitch black.”

Father C. John Thompson-Quartey

“People of St. Mary’s jury-rigged stoves and managed to serve hundreds of hot meals each day.”

Mike Hernandez

“They transformed their store into a collection center and within days they became a major distribution hub – having collected $300,000 in funds and $25,000 in food, clothing, blankets, toys, and toiletries.”

A Project of the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce
Remembering the Heroes of Superstorm Sandy

A Salute to New Jerseyans Who Exemplified Heroism and Kindness in the Wake of the Storm

In the wake of Superstorm Sandy, ordinary New Jerseyans performed extraordinary acts to help their neighbors and, in many cases, complete strangers, survive and ride out one of the worst storms in Garden State history. Whether it was rescuing neighbors, delivering food, providing shelter or helping clean and repair damaged homes, these New Jerseyans exemplified heroism and kindness.

This is the kind of spirit that makes New Jersey what it is. We believe these acts must be remembered – and shared.

So, the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce has established the Superstorm Sandy Hero Project, an oral history of heroic acts in the wake of the storm. We collected inspirational stories from people all over New Jersey who were asked to describe their own superstorm heroes. The response was stronger than we expected.

Hurricane Sandy
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The project's mission is to recognize the heroes, and to preserve these memories so generations can remember the true grit New Jerseyans showed during the Storm of 2012.


My Hero: Scott Seidel

Hometown: Jackson    
Submitted by: Stefanie Cain

Scott Seidel, the store manager of the Stop & Shop in Long Branch, checked in on all store associates to ensure they were safe. For one associate who lost everything, Scott made sure she had her medicine, personal belongings and rides to appointments. Even with damage to his own home, Scott delivered food to customers, shelters and senior centers for three days. He made sure the emergency management team had food and supplies for weeks, and he helped his associates with forms needed to get money through the Helping Hands Fund at Stop and Shop. Scott, who coaches a local football team, is seen by the community as a top leader.


My Hero: Rosemary Ryan

Rosemary RyanHometown: Highlands    
Submitted by: Valerie Montecalvo

Rosemary was diagnosed with endometrial cancer and completed her chemotherapy three weeks before Sandy hit our area. Still, after the storm, Rosemary went to the local firehouse to help, and was appointed to be volunteer donation coordinator. She raised funds to help displaced residents and has distributed items like sheetrock, bedding, beds, cleaning supplies—all the things that people need to become whole again. Rosemary is a highly respected leader of our community who works hard to help those impacted by Sandy's destruction.


My Hero: Fatihah and Abdul Kareem Ouedraogo and family

Hometown: Roselle    
Submitted by: Shonda Levine-Ouji

Fatihah and Abdul made us feel comfortable with grace.


A big branch from a tree fell on the front portion of our house, slicing off the front of the house and exposing it to the street. My husband, 11-year-old daughter and I found refuge at my neighbor's home where we were welcomed with open arms, kindness and acceptance for a week until we were able to secure housing at a hotel. It didn't matter that they too were in the dark. It didn't matter that our neighbors have seven children ages 5 months to 11 years old. Fatihah and Abdul made us feel comfortable with grace. We are displaced but not discouraged.


My Hero: Joan DeLucia

Hometown: Toms River    
Submitted by: Jennifer Katz

Since Thanksgiving, Jennifer has organized volunteers to clean homes, move sand and remove debris - giving hope and help to many.

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Hurricane Sandy
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